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How can I place an order for a portable baby play gym? 

Placing an order is simple. Just browse our Shop, select the play gym you like, and click on the "Add to Cart" button. Follow the checkout process to provide your shipping and payment details, and your order will be on its way!

Can I cancel or modify my order?

We understand that circumstances may change. If you need to cancel or modify your order, please reach out through our email and facebook page as soon as possible. We'll do our best to accommodate your request before the order is shipped.  kidikools

What is your refund policy?

We have a hassle-free refund policy. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 90 days of receiving your order. We'll guide you through the return process, and upon successful return of the product, we'll issue a refund to your original payment method. This refund only applicable for Manufacturing defects and Transit damage.

What should I do if I receive a damaged or defective product? 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. If you receive a damaged or defective product, please contact us through Email and Facebook immediately. We'll arrange for a replacement or provide a refund, based on your preference and product availability.
Email: kidikools

Can I track the status of my order? 

Can I track the status of my order? 

Yes, you can track the status of your order. Once your order is shipped, we'll send you a confirmation email with tracking information. You can use that information to track your package through the shipping carrier's website.

When Can I Start using Baby Play Mat?

Thebaby play mat gym(sometimes comes with a play mat) is the finest present for newborns since they can use it almost immediately, usually within 2-3 weeks of birth.

How Long Do Babies Use a Play Mats?

Babies will require a play mat around the age of three months. Or whenever they spend any time on their tummies. But don't be concerned that your child will outgrow their play mat soon. Most play mats can last for years in children's playrooms.

How Long Does baby Play Gym Last?

Some babies will stop using thebaby play gymaround month 7 or 8, while others will stop using it by their first year, and some may continue to use it for a few months beyond that. There is no set rule; pay attention to what your infant does and decide when to retire it.

Are This Product Safe?

Some babies will stop using thebaby play gymaround month 7 or 8, while others will stop using it by their first year, and some may continue to use it for a few months beyond that. There is no set rule; pay attention to what your infant does and decide when to retire it.

Are Baby Play Mats Necessary?

Babies spend near about nine months in utero rolling and crawling around in comfort, so it's normal for them to want to do the same after birth. And so, afoldable baby play matis highly recommended. They provide numerous developmental and cognitive benefits, including improvements in visual perception, gross motor skills, sensory stimulation, awareness, reaching and grasping abilities, and self-awareness.

What Are The Steps of Installation?

  1. Unbox, the KidiKools, travel baby play gym and take each item out of the package.
  2. Spread the mat out and join the arches on the mat's corners.
  3. Clip and attach the toys to hooks or a tummy time pillow.
  4. Install a sunproof canopy with mosquito netting over the arches as needed for outdoor play.
  5. Fold the mat, canopy, net, and arches and store them in a travel bag with toys and a tummy time pillow for easy storage.

Is The Product Waterproof?

Yes. Absolutely. The material is completely waterproof, easy to clean and dry, and easy to pack.

Does The Canopy Stop The Sunlight Well?

Yes. The canopy is made up of SPF 50+. The canopy keeps direct sunlight away and helps keep your little one cool from the sun.

What Kind Of Toys Come With The Play Mats?

Our infant play gym onlineincludes a rattle, teether, soft books, mirror, tummy time cushion, and other sensory toys for your kids that are suspended from the mat's frame. These toys are intended to keep your baby entertained while they are getting enough belly time to meet developmental goals.

What Is The Size Of Product?

Product Dimension (L*W*H) – 31*31*20 Inches, enough for the baby's daily play space.

Can It Fit In This Suitcase?

Yes. 100%. With its excellent foldable design, thebaby play gymcan perfectly fit in any regular-sized suitcase. You can keep it in your car, carry it on your flight, or take it with you everywhere you go

Is The Baby Play Mats Suitable For Pets?

In most cases, it's beautiful; however, if your pet tends to chew or claw furniture, there's a chance they'll damage your play mat as well. We adore pets just as much as you do, and we cannot, however, completely endorse thebaby play matfor use with your animal family members. It will ultimately be up to your decision since you are the one who knows your pet best.

What Is The Best Way To Clean The Baby Play Mats?

Ourinfant play matsare easy to clean! Remove the arch and all toys before washing. Wipe up any spills with a wet towel and soapy water. You can also machine-wash it in cold water on a gentle cycle. The Kidikoolsbaby play matshould not be tumble dried, ironed, or bleached.

How Do I Choose A Baby Play Mat Online?

  • Size: Check if the mat is big enough for your toddler to play on. You don't want something too little because your youngster will shortly outgrow it.
  • Thickness: Choose a thick enough mat to give a pleasant playing surface for your child. 
  • Price: When it comes to playmats, prices vary greatly. Choose one that is within your budget.
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